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I am fundraising for The Outward Bound Trust. These guys do great work with kids who live under the poverty line and try to install some new skills into them and show what you can achieve in life.

Basically its your life and you can achieve just about what you want to.

We are off for a week where there will be hiking and wild camping along with sailing and climbing. A lot of these kids have never been away before.

BUT before this turns into a bad TV begging advert which lets face it we are all numb to and sick to the back teeth of if you have enjoyed keeping up with my blog and if I have made you smile would you just give a pound or two please as I have to hit a target of £500 and this is what pays for the kids.

You can donate directly on this link

Go on give us a quid it will take less time to do than reading all of this has!

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