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Ended up with an extra day off of work today because I foolishly ate a pizza at lunchtime which triggered my IBS off big style. I got to work to happily find 5 spare drivers kicking their heels so I managed to bag the day off as a holiday which was great because I really didn’t think I would have made it the distance between service station toilets on the motorway without shitting myself!

So I got home and had to potter about as it eases the pain. After sorting the imperial from the metric spanners out in the shed I went to the toilet again. After this horror I decided to have a nose at the hand/transmission brake on the Landy.

I didn’t have the correct imperial size spanner for the adjusting nut as loads of my tools seem to have done a bunk but I found that the ring end of a 7mm spanner worked perfectly on it with no play. I sprayed on some WD40 and slowly worked the adjusting nut forwards and backwards a bit at a time adding more WD40 as needed until it freed up.

Then I started on removing the nuts holding the drum on and of one of these had been rounded off before but hey theres always a buggered nut isn’t there!

Luckily I have a tool box full of odd old sockets so I grabbed a slightly undersized one 1/2 and hammered it into place.

This brought the knackered nut off nicely. At this point I realised that the next fart was going to be more than that and rushed to get out from under the landy smacking my head then running for the toilet wondering whether to clutch my stomach, my arse or my now banging head.

After some considerable time had passed I got back under the Landy and gave the drum a good whacking with a hammer to loosen the contents up a bit shift some muck and free off the brake pads.

Then I used a flat ended screwdriver inserted into the edge between the back plate and the drum to see if it would gently free off. Much to my surprise it came off easily and then I was very happy to see the brake pads and components where all in good condition!

So a quick clean up and the drum was put back on.

After a quick adjustment up the hand brake now works perfectly! The only component I have had to replace is the spring on the handbrake itself. Now what a bloody job that was as I was trying to force it up and over the place it was supposed to fit into whilst trying not to shit myself in the process.

So another job marked off of the list and only at the cost of a new nut, handbrake spring and a lump on my head…which is nice!

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