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I have been rather quiet of late for two reasons. The first is that I ran out of cash early last month to spend on the Landy and the second is we had to go on holiday with the kids to Spain for the pleasures of an all inclusive poolside holiday in Benidorm.

Now I know that sounds like me moaning and being ungrateful but I can think of more interesting things to do than sit beside a pool for a week trying not to get up and give other peoples obnoxious kids a good clout around the ear hole but seeing as I don’t really drink now getting pissed daily isn’t an option and my god it’s amazing how quickly you get fed up of eating! Still I am lucky enough to be able to go away and for that I am grateful so here isn’t the place to go on about my holiday…just pop over to my blog site to hear me do that lol.

So after doing all of the fun things that you have to do when you get back from a family holiday like picking up two carrier bags of dog shit because the dog sitter “Forgot”, cleaning out three different sorts of other shit from the various pets dotted around the house and fuelling up the motorbike ready for work in the morning I had an hour spare so I snuck off to see the Landy. I had ordered some wire connectors so I spent some happy quiet time fitting those to the nearside indicator, side and headlights. I connected the batteries and let there be light!

The indicators only work on the offside if you hold the indicator stalk in just the right place and there are no hazard or fog lights working but at least the new headlights I fitted work!

I will plod along with the light wiring as and when I get a chance in between bigger jobs. I have just been paid so I best prioritise what to fix mechanically first so all ideas are welcome!

Landy Project Costs

Land Rover £375

Sanding Discs £11.70

Ignition Barrel £20

Heritage letter £21.75

2x Batteries and rear 1/4 light £35

Pair Battery Terminal Clamps £3.99

Floor pan nuts & bolts £6.50

Grinding disc £2.25

Under Seal £8.99

Complete set of lights £85

5 Litres Primer £24.99

4 Discovery Wheels £10.20

Rear Door £21.00

Front Door £20.00

Handbrake spring £1.50

2 Discovery wheels

Two seatbelts

Wing Mirror

2 Headlight surrounds

2 headlight frames £60

2 Front Doors £60

Nato Green Paint £36

Rear Window Seal and insert £9.99

Wiring connectors £3.00

TOTAL £815.86

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