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Well the back garden got to the point where I couldn’t ignore the mess anymore and the constant nagging about it was getting tiresome so first job of the day was to tidy that up.

This involved lots of sweating because its a sun trap out there and loading up the junk into the Dacia Sandero for the dump run.

It amazes me how much crap you can fit in a small car when you stack it right well that and the determination I was only going to make one trip!

Whilst tidying up I came across something that had come with my Land Rover so I put it to one side so I could finally find out what it is.

As it turns out it is a “Snow Blind” which makes sense seeing as the Landy has the Artic heater in it. Its of no use to me at all but a search on Ebay showed up nothing similar so I suppose there is either no call for these at all or they are difficult to come by. Either way I shall throw it up for sale to try and get some more funds together for the project.

So after the big tidy up and lawn mowing session I wondered what to do with the rest of my day off. As you may have noticed its bloody hot so nothing else too strenuous was ever on the cards and after a wander around the Landy I noticed I needed to refit the rear door strap. So I drilled a couple of new holes and hey presto strap fitted.

Then I decided it’s too damned hot to do bugger all else and am now hiding indoors with a packet of ice poles 🙂

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