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You have got to love this dry weather! It’s given me time to just potter with the landy and it’s amazing how much you can get done when you are not trying to get anything in particular sorted out!

The drivers door needed the restraining bar refitting…

But it needed new holes drilling before I could fit the end cap on.

Then I refitted the air intake mesh. I am wondering whether or not to paint the screws green or just leave them silver…

Then onto the front of the roof. When I was painting it I realised that there were a few holes there where rivets had been before so the easiest way forward was to replace the missing rivets.

I took a look at my watch and time was heavily still on my side so I decided it was time to sort out the drivers side wing mirror.

Surprising what effect these little changes have on the whole motor!

Now it was onto the headlights which as it turns out are the standard military issue ones that differ from the civvy ones in just about every way! Luckily I had already bought the replacement headlamp frames and they were still attached to sealed units and headlight cones. I stripped out the military ones

And set to fitting the civvy standards remembering to use the correct fittings and wiring. I also took the opportunity to fit the halogen conversion lamps that have been in the shed for a couple of months and the headlamp surrounds.

It’s only starting to look like a proper Land Rover again! Still so much to do but I love the fact its looking good again!

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