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After some feedback from readers of my blog I have been informed of a few things and put them into place.

The reason my engine is running its nuts off is this…

This is a hand throttle and is fitted in FFR Land Rovers and when this is pushed over to the fully on position the engine does indeed gat a bit lively!

So after putting this in the off position the engine started lovely and ticked over nicely. I let it run a while and then once the coolant had warmed up a bit I tried the artic heater and hey presto lots of lovely hot air blowing in from all directions. So this little bit of kit can stay in the rebuild 🙂

There isn’t a needle in the carb on the landy and this was a presumption on my part after working with classic mini’s for years! So with that in mind and the obvious oversight on the hand throttle I have come to the conclusion….

I took off the end dash panel to check the wiper motor over and was greeted with a lovely shower of rust so another part to be replaced has been added to my list.

But still cant complain as so far I am still on the right side cost wise on this rebuild 🙂

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