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Had a spare hour this morning so I thought I would follow the fuel system through and see if it was a simple fix like a split pipe or seal gone somewhere.

This proved fruitless after climbing under in and around the Landy. When I dropped the seat base trapping my finger between it and the seat frame I had had enough. When I saw the blood I just laughed to ,myself thinking that this was the icing on the cake!

So I took a few minutes out sticking a plaster on my finger wondering what the hell could be the problem with this twin tank system. That’s when I decided it may be better to have fuel in both tanks even though there is a tank switch as it is literally the only thing I hadn’t done.

A quick trip to the petrol station later I put the fuel into the empty side tank and tried to prime the pump….the fuel pulled through no problem at all! At this point I started to get my hopes up and pulled the choke out gripped the key and gave it a turn….

It fired straight up and revved its nuts off so I pushed the choke in and it still revved its nuts off so off it was turned again! Talk about happy though the fuel system works!

After a bit more looking around the carb I am pretty sure the needle is stuck but if a carb rebuild is all I need to do I am very pleased! Im still looking for the ever elusive body parts but it will probably be new doors the way I am going.

The next thing to buy after the doors will be a clutch cylinder to see if that can be freed up or whether it will need replacing.

Not a bad morning at all 🙂

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