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Last week was my long rota week at work so I didn’t do a lot on the Landy but this week has been my short week so two uninterrupted days off mid week whilst the kids are at school and Wifey is at work so I got stuck right in!

With our annual holiday fast coming up cash is tight so I have been doing the few bits I can without spending anymore cash. So first up was scraping off the loose paint on the back end and then putting on the first coat of primer. A second coat of primer was then put on the rest of the bodywork as well as on the back end.

I havn’t done the door as its scrap, well the front ones are as well but one coat of primer makes the old girl look a bit better on the drive!

I managed to get the rear lights undone as they were seized solid and then I set to attacking the old frame that held the radios to the rear floor when it was in use as a comms unit. They were flat head screws into two bolts that were seized solid so I had to attack the framework with a grinder. This was all done on the inside because I couldn’t get the grinder anywhere the bolts underneath. After twenty minutes of grinding and banging and swearing the bloody thing came out!

Then I set to finishing the last of the underseal. I bloody hate that job but finally it is all done along with my arms and the clothes I was wearing. So good riddance to that job.

Now I am hunting hard for a cheap set of doors to put on then once painted the bodywork will be done.

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