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Well after grabbing 30 minutes to myself this morning I have had a good nose through the fuel system. It has a manual primer much like an old diesel? and a clear glass bulb that you could see the fuel sitting in if it was coming through at all.

But there is no fuel coming through at all and if im honest the fuel pipes look past their best as well as there being jelly in the bottom of the glass bulb. It’s the old fuel that’s been sat in there that long its turned bad and reduced to jelly!

So I will have to strip down the whole fuel system so I have the opportunity to change it over from twin tanks if I feel like it but at the moment I am not sure. I will be taking the drivers wing off for access to the fuel lines and pumps as well as the brake and clutch cylinders so do I go the whole hog and stick a 200tdi lump in it or do I keep it original 24v petrol…decisions decisions.

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