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Today the last of the FFR racking came out of the Landy along with more bolts than I can believe! Honestly I must have removed quarter of a ton in metal from the motor!

Still looks a lot better in there now with access from the front to the back without having to get out and walk around to each door!

This also involved moving the seat belt holders to the side panel. Now these seat belts are about knackered but I wanted to make sure the bolts were the right size for the holes on the side and if I am honest I am not sure the actual belt tensioners are mounted in the right place as they seem to snag at a funny angle when the belt is returned.

Moved from here…

To here…

Then my Brother and nephew arrived so the big moment had come to see if I could get the old thing running. I put some fuel into the drivers side tank switched the changeover to RH side…

And nothing. It turned over fine but no firing up. Now I am not sure if I have the tank switch on the right tank and will endeavour to find out.

Not to be defeated I poured a little fuel into the carb and it fired up on the first turn of the key and ran for about ten seconds!!!! SO the engine runs just fine! It will need a good service but it will be staying in for now 🙂

All in all a pretty good day!

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