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I have done a few things over the last couple of days but the tinterweb was down so I couldn’t update!

Started to underseal the chassis and bulkhead, I had forgotten what a messthat stuff makes and how the hell does it end up all over you even when you think you are being careful! Still the results are great with the chassis looking like new.

There is still plenty to do under there but at least two thirds is done which is nice!

I have repaired and refitted the old heater I removed as it is 24v and if I can save a few pennies here and there all the better. After refitting I tested it and it works perfectly.

Next step is going to be refitting the replacement wing along with loosening up the exhaust bolts at the manifold because whilst undersealing I noticed the exhaust has been more or less completely flattened in one stop under the chassis so will need to be replaced. Im quite glad I have seen it if I am honest because it would have been a pig of a job once the wing was back on!

More pics to follow soon.

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