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Seeing as the rain had held off this morning and I have some time to kill before work I decided to see if I could get the electrics on the old girl fired up. I wired up a new battery connector link, not bad for the total cost of less than £6, and set to replacing the ignition barrel.

In a rather unusual turn of events this all went very well with no major problems arising or bits falling off as I was doing it so all was wired up in less than 20 minutes.

Now was the moment of truth…I turned the ignition on and there was life!! The wiring loom works across the board and the engine turns over nicely, I knew the engine wasn’t seized but it is nice to hear the starter motor working after being parked up in the corner of that farmyard for so long!

I even managed to find all of the screws for the steering column cover and put that back on along with freeing up the choke cable.

So I am like a kid at Christmas now happy that the 24v system can stay in but seeing as that Artic heater was working just fine I am back in two minds about taking it out again! Thankfully there is plenty to do so no rush to make that decision.

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