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Opposite where I live across the main inner ring road of Nottingham is an area that has a small stream running through it and is designed as a flood plain run off for when we have heavy downpours.

This is ideal for walking the dog etc but being quite new was just a swapy area in the middle full of midges in the summer months.

Over the last two years though the wildlife really has moved in. There are fish and new water based plants but today I noticed there are a pair of geese, a pair of cranes and at least three pairs of ducks all making there nests over there. There were also a few moor hens running around.

So here we are in the middle of a city on a major dual carriageway full of noise and hustle and bustle with 3 dozen dogs at least being walked around it in a day but nature has decided that all that’s ok because it can still just plod on with life there…it astounds me!

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