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I awoke today to find it raining heavily which put a stop to any early work on the Landy today so a morning of running around doing family chores it was. I hate picking up all of the bits we need as a family just call me old fashioned but dog food and choosing paint colours is just plain dull!

But the sun broke through just after lunch so I dropped whatever it was I was supposed to be doing in the house, something about cleaning drawers out comes to mind but who knows what it was Wifey had in mind, and set to the Landy with a scraper and a dust pan and brush.

It’s amazing what difference a good clean out can do and what you can find!! I knew there were a couple of bits of what I thought was junk in the back of it but what I found surprised even me!

A near perfect wing to replace my dented one!

A spare wheel the rim is sound but the tyre is perished.

I have literally no idea what this is!

SO with all of that out I scraped and swept the back of the landy until it was rubbish free!

I am still surprised at how well the body on this old motor has held up. I was expecting a lot more rot!

I then started on removing some of the old military bits that were no longer needed for the radio equipment it used to haul. I did get a little carried away with myself though and soon realised I had taken two bits of the 24v system off of the bulk head…I promptly called myself a knob and put those back on!

The only piece of rot I have found so far is in the passenger foot well and that’s nothing major!

I also WD40’d all the leaf springs and nuts and bolts underneath that I could find. I figured this is worth doing a few times as the old girl has been stood for a couple of years!

That’s all today but we shall see what tomorrow will bring.

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