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I gave up smoking on Boxing day 2013. Now this wasn’t a planned event but more of a sort of stumbled into type thing. I only smoked 2-3 a day and when I got to work on Boxing day I only had one cigarette left so I thought to myself “I will have to pick some up”

2 weeks and a few days later I realised I hadn’t bought any so that’s when I thought “what’s the point in it?” So I started to put the money away I would have spent on them each month to save up for a land rover project.

I have always fancied a landy bit could never afford one but the money I was smoking soon started to add up and I figured that within the year I would have enough to buy a good project base. Much to my surprise as I headed into the end of April 2014 I saw on the local Gumtree website an old ex military LWB Series 3 land rover. The poor thing had been stood in the corner of a farmyard for a couple of years and was covered in mould with all 3 doors rotting away beyond repair…

BUT the most important piece, the chassis, was in near mint condition so seeing as that is the base for the project a deal was struck. The princely sum of £375 was agreed as long as it was delivered to my house 10 miles away and a day was set for it to come. I sat and waited on delivery day as excited as a kid at Christmas but the time for delivery came and went. I told myself not to be impatient there could be traffic etc but when my landy was over an hour late I called the seller to be told it was too heavy for his transporter but he knew someone who would bring it over on a bigger one but it would be tomorrow. He apologised for not calling earlier but his phone was flat…I presume he must have been able to charge it very quickly as I was talking to him on it now, so I resigned myself to waiting another day.

If I am honest I didn’t think it would be coming at all after the excuse I heard the day before but I called the seller as soon as I got in from work to be told the landy would be with me in a couple of hours. Not being able to get a precise time I figured it was to be another evening of excuses why it hadn’t arrived and consoled myself with the fact that I hadn’t handed over any money yet.

I needn’t have worried as 90 minutes later it arrived in a fanfare of flashing orange lights and the good will of my neighbours pushing the landy uphill with a flat tyre onto my drive!

I couldn’t contain myself and started to scrub the mold off of it until the daylight faded away and my wife came outside and made me go in. It reminded me of being a kid who didn’t want to stop playing just because the street lights had come on!

That brought me to today and some sort of order of work has been forming in my mind on how to bring this old girl back to life. Firstly is a damned good clean and scrape both inside and out so I can see what I am dealing with. So I started again in the front cab and it doesn’t look too bad. Its an old communications landy and theres lots of wiring etc inside that I wont be needing but I cant make my mind up on whether to keep the artic heater or not as its pretty damned bulky…

The floor panels are in better condition than I thought they would be with only a 6″x 2″ strip needing patching on the passenger side foot well….so far! The ignition barrel is also beyond repair.

I had a happy hour scraping and brushing and washing before the heavens opened and put pay to any more work outside today.

Still I will see what the weekend will bring time wise so I can keep plodding on with the deep clean.

Land Rover Project costs to date:-

Land Rover Series 3 £375

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