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I have been covering in the transport office at work for a week or so and this is a job I used to enjoy doing but I am left to wonder what has happened to the drivers that come through the doors.

They were not the happiest of folks in the first place but after a few months of me being away from seeing them daily these guys have turned into complete and utter miserable bastards! If there were an Olympic event for stress, moaning and down right rudeness these clowns would get it! But what I cant understand is why?

I drive for the same company most of the time and the work is incredibly easy! You drive from point A to point B, swap your trailer over and do the same in reverse. Then you go home. No unloading or finding places you have never been before. No one calls you constantly checking up on your progress because you have a mission impossible of deliveries to do in a day, in fact I have never had an easier HGV driving job in my lifetime!

BUT these clowns are coming into the office at the start of their shifts gobbing off about how hard they work (my arse) and how many hours they have done in a day (normally 9 which is unheard of in the HGV world) putting themselves in bad moods before they start after trying to give the office staff some grief. Personally I cant see the point in putting all of that effort into being miserable I mean what are their home lives like!

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