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A couple of weeks ago just after I had left the library collecting another audio book to keep me entertained on the long lonely nights driving I had what could be described as a random encounter.

Now I wasn’t in a bad mood or feeling down in fact I was feeling quite content on what was a pleasant sunny but chilly winters morning that promised the start of spring soon when a young chap in his mid twenties walked up to me and just said “God Bless you” to which I replied “And god bless you too”.

He then just disappeared into the crowd. I didn’t see this chap coming and he was gone as quickly as he was there. Why he chose to speak to only me I do not know but what was strange was the fact he was a nice chap, there was no aura of intimidation or surprise when all of a sudden he was there in front of me.

Maybe he just needed to delay me some reason. Maybe later that day I had an extra minute or two listening to someone that needed to be heard or maybe I was just being put back onto a path I was supposed to be on?

Whatever the reason he made me smile and in this world making someone smile is a precious gift to be shared. The world is full of kind people if you don’t know any maybe you should be the kind one.

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