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Running headlong now into the festive season and I can say that, with a certain amount of smugness, I have all the presents sorted and wrapped. The leg of lamb for Christmas dinner is bought and in the freezer awaiting it’s call to the oven.

The mad rush of traffic in and around the city today is incredible! Lines of cars clogging up the roads trying to get into the centre to spend loads of money all at once only happens at this time of year.

Wifey is in the centre with work friends having a meal and a few drinks im sure and the que’s in the shops are massive! Bloody glad I am not there!

Last week I went on a motorbike run from Southwell to Newark that drops off of gifts for those kids that would have had nothing else to open! It’s funny to see over a 100 hairy arsed bikers dressed up like plonkers along with bikes that look like Christmas trees! Why there are such bad images associated with bikers I will never know! The gifts they give are very generous and many of them do this for a month every weekend on the run up to Christmas all over the midlands!

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