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I ride my motorbike to work, it’s nothing special just an old GSX600R but nothing beats the feeling of riding any bike, and this morning shortly after I left at 5.20am I quickly became aware of how bloody cold it was!

Now this is the first time since the summer that I have genuinely felt cold on the bike so indicates the fun of the ice, freezing rain and winds to come. How I am looking forward to battling gravity in it’s eternal desire to have me fall flat on my face smashing the bike and my bones.

Now would probably be a good time to check my tyres over!

I think my aching knees may be a sign that the years are passing by! I remember my parents and grandparents moaning about old aches and pains returning once the colder weather arrived but I shrugged it off thinking “daft old buggers I will NEVER feel like that” well my youth has left me..ish and the aches have moved into its place! I need to figure a way to do a better walk other than the old man shuffle once I get off the bike in the cold!

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