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Summer has officially ended and the clocks have gone back an hour overnight.

Im an outdoors type of person so hate the long dark winter evenings and nights but hell I guess im not the only one.

Now it looks like the season will end with a bang with forecast gale force storms running in overnight so that should be fun riding home from work tonight on my motorbike! I don’t mind riding in the rain or the cold but the wind is an devil that takes every opportunity to try and get you off of your bike one way or another! I would take the family car but apparently the wife and kids have some important shopping to do bless them….why they cant get their lazy arses out of bed earlier and do it I do not know!

Just had the news on and all they are talking about is this “Storm” that’s coming in so if its getting this sort of coverage it will probably end up being a fart in a teacup.

Talking of the news is it just me or has every news channel now become more American? Every news story is put into bite sized info and dumbed down to the level a 5 year old can understand what’s going on in the world. Have the folk that run the BBC decided we are no longer clever enough to make our own decisions on any news story so they have to hold our hands all the way through them like a primary school teacher does to a worried child on the first day of school?

OK I know this is a whinging post but it’s Sunday morning, I have to go to work, the weathers shite, it’s been a party weekend and I have missed the lot.


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