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Well I have just hit the big 40. I thought it was going to be a ground breaking moment…but it isn’t.

We spend years worrying about hitting 40 I mean you don’t care when you hit 30 but 40 is a milestone and I can honestly say when the day arrived it was a relief! I had got to the big 40 so I didn’t have to give it much more thought.

So in all honesty I was glad to get here and the fact that I had a superb week of treats lined up with Wifey and minus the kids was a bonus and quite frankly should happen every year! We went away twice in a week and as the kids were at school and college we snuck a couple of day trips in as well just the two of us!

It was fantastic having no whining moaning feet dragging black cloud hanging over them teenagers with us for the week. We felt like ourselves for the first time in years and the only people we had to try to please was ourselves! So chuck in lots of old buildings along with a touch history, a few places to eat and a clean warm bed and we were in heaven!

The surprise of the week was a morning kayaking for me on the Sunday to which the kids tagged along. I loved it but my God just take a look at what I looked like…

Im not the worlds smallest chap and its taken years to aquire this Adonis like figure but I looked like Weeble stuffed into a wetsuit who had had a half boiled eggshell stuffed onto its head!

My Wife and kids were gracious enough not to say anything to me though, they were too busy trying to breathe through the hysterical laughter and get back up off of the floor as soon as I had come out of the changing rooms.

So after the 12 year old instructor had made us dress like idiots then carry our boats over a small hill I spent some happy time just going around in circles on the lake. Not big sweeping circles but on the spot ones trying to get the bloody thing moving. God knows what I looked like at that point but thankfully my family were still too engaged in hysterical laughter to even think of recording the moments for posterity.

A couple of hours down the line I had managed to get the kayak going in the direction I wanted but by then it was time to head back to the changing rooms and battle our way out of the wetsuits. All was going well in my wetsuit escape until I lost my footing fell over sideways and put my hand through the fire alarm on the wall.
To say I wasn’t popular with the other hairy arsed half naked blokes in there would be an understatement as we all tramped outside wet and cold until the building was given the all clear. No win my defence I told the workers there I set the bloody alarm off and there wasn’t a fire but we had to leave anyway “just in case”.

When we got home I slept for an hour through sheer exhaustion, must have been something in the water, and so marked the end of my week of birthday celebrations.

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